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NOTE: Tsunami currently will not run TSUs like South Park Speaks version 3. We will be upgrading it soon, with that and other features.  All orders will get a free upgrade.

If you build ‘It' they will come.....

What is the Tsunami Wav Player and why does it exist?

The Tsunami Wav Player rose out from the development of South Park Speaks. We origninally wanted a wav player that would play our South Park sound files, but as time raged on - we wanted more.  We wanted to play all our wav files!!

South Park Speaks had an internal timer that played a sound at random from user chosen intervals.  If we could extend that to our hopelessly full of way too many sounds, hard drives - include a popup menu for on-demand play, we thought we'd have a pretty neat sound player.

So we slaved away. Staying up nights and working weekends to perfect a utility we'd pay our hard earned money for.  We think we did it. Check out the screen shots of the application, which will explain how it works, then if you like it - buy it. Its only $7. (If you don't like buying via the internet - email us and we'll try and work something out.)

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